Choose Happiness

We are very fortunate to have this amazing place we call home! We have home in our country, home in Washington State as one of the most beautiful states of our country, home in our Puget Sound area, home in our community and unique and incredible surroundings, and comfort in the place we choose to call a physical home that protects and embraces us with its walls and the way we make it our own. Home is, in a lot of ways, a true extension of ourselves. And out of all the ways we create home, the best of them all is that we get to choose.

Choosing life in the great Pacific Northwest came about in different ways for our family.

Leighton lived a great majority of his childhood in the Pacific Northwest, including both Alaska and Washington. After some time living life in Texas, he chose to come back to Washington and never wants home to be anywhere else!

Choosing University of Washington as his college is what brought my son here from Texas. Now he has gained a quality education, made lifelong friends and memories here, and while he has now relocated for work, he welcomes Washington to be his home again in the future.

Choosing Washington as home for Leighton’s older daughter brought about amazing experiences from childhood and forever friends for her. Now life has taken her to Texas, but she considers Washington State one of two of her home states.

A culmination of things brought me here from Texas, namely love and family, but also work. Visiting Seattle was always on my bucket list, and the first time I ever came here was to tour the University of Washington’s campus with my son. I immediately felt like I was in my element. I absolutely loved it! I could easily see myself living here. After a few years passed, love and work presented themselves to me here. Leighton and I re-connected as old friends from 30 years ago, fell in love, and of all the places he lived, it was here! Here, where my son was about to be a senior in college and here, where I could have both work and life! I never take this area for granted. Every day that I am out and about, I just look around at all the beauty that surrounds me, and it feels like divine intervention that I am here. Making choices with happiness in mind culminated in my ultimate relocation here.

Seattle is an amazing and vibrant city. With iconic views that include Mt. Rainier, Pike Place Public Market, the Seattle Space Needle, and many views of the Puget Sound and mountain ranges, we are never without inspiration and a connection to our city and culture. Any time of year, we can enjoy the great outdoors and I don’t think we would have enough days in a lifetime to truly take it all in. We have incredible waterfront and mountain views to choose from to enjoy amazing seafood and other culinary experiences. We can decide to hike, boat, fish, eat, explore, with water and mountain views all around us.

There’s so much power in choosing happiness; so much that my husband and I hang the message “WE CHOSE HAPPINESS” in a frame in our home to remind us and our family members that each day we get to choose. We can make choices that move us in the direction of CHOOSING HAPPINESS.

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Loving Life in the Great Pacific Northwest!!